Chev Talks - 4 reasons you are not reaching your goals.

1. Lack of consistency

Week 1 you find yourself in the gym 4x a week. By week 5 you struggle to make it in twice a week. Before you know it you're eating one, maybe 2 meals a day and it continues to go downhill. This whole process happens over the course of the year causing a 'yoyo effect' with no real results.

2. Not doing the most effective movements

Generally speaking there are a group of exercises, or variations of them which should be emphasized in every training program. These movements utilise more than one muscle group. Just to name a few: Squat, bench press, deadlift, RDL, chinup and military press.

3. Your Expectations Are Unrealistic

Whether it's weight loss or weight gain it will generally be a slow process. Many people underestimate this and then lose patience before they get to their goal. Is it really possible for YOU to lose 15lbs in 6 weeks? Based on your current calorie intake, how much you train, your lifestyle, work, food and genetics?

4. Lack of intensity/progressive overload

Without trying to surpass your current strength, fitness levels and ability, your progress will come to a halt. What worked for you in the past no longer works due to lack of stress and stimulation of your muscles. Just two ways you can increase your intensity are: lifting the same weight for more reps (volume) or doing the same work in less time.

Makes sense? If you need further tips and advice on reaching your goals you can talk to Chev via facebook @cstrainingandnutrition or check out our PT profiles page for further contact info.

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