The New Normal – What to Expect When You Return to The Gym

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Firstly, and most importantly Welcome Back! it has been a long lock-down. The Front of House team, Instructors and Personal Trainers are excited to welcome you back.

Before you arrive back with us, we would be grateful if you could read through the following document. We know it is a bit long-winded but it is important that we keep you and our team safe and that you know, in advance, what to expect, it is important to us that your experience at Invictus is as great as it’s always been, if not better!


Please ensure you observe the one-way system into the gym and one-way system exiting out of the gym.

Please book in at reception, using your membership card or fit sense app. We are obliged to implement the Track & Trace system, if any member of our gym informs us they have tested positive for Covid-19. These records are kept for 21 days.


We will continue to offer inductions, but they will differ slightly as we can’t offer hands on correction.


Please use hand sanitisers before entering the gym

Please collect a blue cloth on arrival to wipe down kit when you have finished using it, we provide gym cleaning fluid for you to use

Please observe the preferred 2-meter social distancing where possible and the minimum 1 meter rule.

The changing rooms are open but we would advise that you only use them if essential. There is a max of 3 people in the gents changing rooms and 4 people in the ladies changing rooms at any one time.


You must use your own boxing gloves for boxing and your own mats for Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Mindful Movement, you can purchase mats from us at reception.

Masks are not compulsory in the studios or gym floor unless your instructor specifically requests that you wear them. You are welcome to wear masks if you would like too.

Doors will be propped open during classes to reduce ‘Touch Points’

Music will be turned down in the studios and gym floor to prevent the need for shouting by instructors or members.

If you can get into habit of bringing in your own hand sanitiser, please do so.


The Zen studio can accommodate a maximum of 9 people per class.

The Concept Studio can accommodate a maximum of 12 people per class.


No spotting unless with a family member / someone already in your bubble.

Personal Trainers will be on the floor, but no hands-on correction is allowed and they will not be able to spot for you.

Please be efficient with your time to allow as many members into the gym as current government guidance allows.

The maximum number of people we can have on the gym floor at any one time is 35, we do not anticipate exceeding this but, if it looks like we will, we will implement a ‘booking System’ for the gym floor.


Please can we limit the downstairs toilets to two people at a time.


We need a minimum of 15 minutes between appointments when using the sunbeds in order to clean them thoroughly between sessions

We will provide Wink-ease in place of goggles as they cannot currently be used.

When using the room please limit your personal items, please try not to bring in bags and coats to limit surface contact.


We will be cleaning equipment, touch points and high traffic areas throughout the day

Lower music levels throughout the gym to prevent shouting

The equipment in the gym has been spaced to adhere to the social distancing rules, please do not move it.

To make things run as smoothly as possible we need to know what is working and what is not, your feedback is important to us. This is a new way of working so we are learning as we go along. Please email us if you have any feedback, we want to make Invictus a safe and enjoyable space for everyone.

Bigger, Better & Stronger #Invictusfit


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